The Sanford Community Center is located at 6495 Nowhere Rd, Hull, GA 30646. It is owned and operated by Gordon’s Chapel Methodist Church.

It is available to rent for birthdays, reunions, wedding receptions, and more. For more information, please contact us via phone, email, or Facebook message.

Sanford Community Center  History

by Otis Dillard written in the year of 1984

The old Sawdust School house nearing a century old is still standing. The sawdust floor and slab bench for thirty years, was the school house and the center of all community activities.  This 2 room building was used mostly during lay-by-time and winter months. In 1928 and 1929 a larger structure with 4 rooms and an auditorium was erected on ground purchased from Mr. Alvin Gordon (about 4 acres). The money was furnished by local and state funds when Mr. Jim Griffeth was Superintendant of County Schools. The local trustees were S.O. Massey, Alvin Gordon, and Lamar Barber. Mr. Claude Strickland, a local carpenter supervised its construction by hiring community workers. As the Depression was  slowly closing in, the youth boys had enlisted in the C.C. C. camps. The building was finished and dedicated with a speech by Mr. Grady Garrad, State School Superintendant. A vote for changing the name of the school was held and Mr. Bruce’s choice of “Sanford” was selected and he was given a prize of $50.00. In 1923, however, Seab Massey who lived in the community donated an old truck to be used as a school bus. A wooden body was built on the chassis. This body had black oil cloth curtains that could be rolled up or down, depending on the weather. Drivers of the school truck were Otis Dillard and Dwight Massey.  The first graduating class from Sanford School had a total of 10 people, many of whom live in our community. The school added the Eleventh grade and grew to over 60 high school pupils and 100 in the grammar grades. Faculty consisted of: Mr. Mell Carter, Principle; Otis Dillard, teacher and coach; Miss Iona Fields, Mrs. Frances Barber, and Mrs. Katherine Hawks, teachers. The last graduating class was in May of 1936. In 1937 high school pupils went to Danielsville or Ila and the grammar grades were sent to the Neese School. Out of the class going to Danielsville, Mr. Lawrence Huff attained the highest grades ever attained in the Danielsville School to that date. He went on to graduate from the University of Georgia in only 3 years and was given a teaching position at UGA. Sanford School had a good athletic program of baseball and basketball. Sanford School beat the Athens YMCA several times on the basketball court. The school grounds and building were deeded to Gordon’s Chapel Church and still serves the church and the community in many ways.