Vine and Branches Adult Sunday School Class

The Vine and Branches Class is an adult class that focuses on the study of God’s word and applying his word to our daily lives.  We provide coffee mugs with information about the Church to visitors at the worship service.  The group has contributed to various efforts to assist individuals and families in our community with identified needs.  Our class annually awards the Elena Hix Edgmon Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a Madison County High School senior who plans to pursue a degree in education.  This class meets downstairs last room on the left. This is a small but active group in which singles and couples are invited to study, pray, and fellowship with us. 



Special Note: Elena Hix Edgmon grew up in Sanford Community and was a lifelong member of Gordon’s

Chapel UMC. Upon graduation from UGA, Elena taught in the Madison County School System,

until she was forced to retire due to declining health, as she battled a rare form of

cancer. The Vine and Branches SS Class, which Elena taught until she was no longer

physically able to attend, has established the Elena Hix Edgmon Memorial Scholarship,

which is presented to a future teacher in her memory.