The Third Class Young Adult Sunday School Class

The young adult class is a group that is focused on building our Church for the future as well as working with important current activities.  Butch Appleby leads this class.  All young adults, including singles and couples, are invited to join which meets upstairs in the second room on the left. 

This class was named for the third class of passengers on stagecoaches in the Old West. If the stagecoach were to break down or encounter difficulties, your behavior was dictated by the class of ticket you had purchased. If you were in the first class, you could remain seated in the coach. If you were in the second class, you had to get out and walk up the hills to help the horses, but could sit on the side of the trail. If you purchased a ticket for the third class, your fare was cheaper but you were required to help resolve any problems – unstick the coach from the mud, help fix the wheel, and even help push the coach up a steep hill. Our class wants to be the third class – not just sitting idly watching life go by, but actively participating and helping people.

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